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 Guild raids on 8th of April! (2018)

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PostSubject: Guild raids on 8th of April! (2018)   Mon Mar 26, 2018 9:28 am

Information on guild raiding day (8th of April):

• Time: 5 pm for Europe at +3 GMT (around 7 am for America/Canada at -7 GMT | around 10 pm for Australia/Asia at +8 GMT ). These hours should be exact for Sagabalista, Dangered, Hafloe and for people from Greece. Everyone else should still convert their hours accordingly to where they live.

• Raids: Legendary Shroud, The Curse of Strahd, Old Baba's Hut, The Fall of Truth, Caught in the Web, Fire on Thunder Peak. Planned order: CiTW - Shroud - FoT - FoTP - Baba - Strahd.

Please read guild rules before being part of guild raids (to avoid any kind of unnecessary situations). Thank you!

P.S. Because of daylight saving time I had to update GMT hours, if I made any mistakes - please inform me. Also I forgot to post a poll this time, so will keep most popular raids for this weekend, sorry! >.<
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Guild raids on 8th of April! (2018)
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