"Welcome! You have just entered "Knights of the Ancient Dragons" guild forum. If you are a member, please register with a name you use in the game.
Thank you." - Arlisa Otlena
"Welcome! You have just entered "Knights of the Ancient Dragons" guild forum. If you are a member, please register with a name you use in the game.
Thank you." - Arlisa Otlena
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 Guild rules

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PostSubject: Guild rules   Guild rules I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 26, 2017 11:38 am

Link: https://goo.gl/YbgJxk

Knights of the Ancient Dragons
Guild rules - DDO: Server Sarlona

We are a raiding and reaping guild. We are a guild oriented in self-improvement with a goal to overcome harder difficulty raids and quests as a team.
Currently we mostly consist of European players with some international flavor. Anyone is welcome to join, but we expect the guild to be most active in the European time zone. Of course, we always try to arrange the hours of raids to suit the most.
We expect our members to use guild chat and be respectful to one another. You’re not in the guild just to get buffs. We encourage you to play with fellow guildies. Static guild groups can help you do higher reaper skulls and have fun with more builds (always nice to be assured of having a healer or for a healer to have a trusted dps/tank).

What we are offering:
• Guild discord and forum
• Friendly community and active guild leaders
• Place to learn and share knowledge
• Opportunities to get loot and experience with weekly raids and static groups

What we don’t want to see:
• Negativity and drama
• Disrespect for people and their time
• Intentional piking in raids and quests
• Ragequiting and zerging

We consider raiding as important guild activity. Leaders and officers take their time to organize weekly guild raids, so we expect guildies to join them frequently.
We usually use voice chat during guild raids, so make sure to have sound and be able to follow instructions.
We encourage you to have a character at cap, if you want to participate. We expect that you run raids at the maximum current strength of your character. We want guild raids to be fun and rewarding for everyone, so try to participate in them as best as you can.
Be on time. Date and time is known in advance. Check guild’s “Message of the Day” and Discord/Forum to keep yourself informed.
Be flagged. All information about raids is given a few days before the actual date. So please make sure you are flagged, if you plan to join.
You are always welcome to recommend raids, especially if you personally need them.

The items you find in a chest are yours to do with as you please: you may trade, put them up for a roll or give them away for the people who asked for certain items in the beginning of the raid. Just keep in mind that everyone participated in the raid, so everyone should have the same chance for an item. Try to avoid drama.
One thing we do not allow in guild raids is rolling for another person. It is not fair in regard to everyone else, please roll only if you need the item yourself.
Avoid recalling early. If loot is wrongfully attributed to you, pass it back.

Officers (including here guild leaders) are experienced players carrying the spirit of the guild. They are the main people who organize guild activities.
About recruitment: We are not officially recruiting. We are however actively looking for new members. If you see someone with potential, you can always mention him to an officer or the leader.
How to become an officer: Be a positive member, contribute and promote the guild, lead quests or raids. If we consider that you bring value to guild activity and good mood, you might become one without even realizing it.

These rules are a guideline that should give you a clear idea about what kind of guild we want to have and what kind of people we want in it.
We want these rules to stay minimal. You’ll always find situations that are not in the rules per say. Basically: be active, try to improve, play with guildies, be a positive player, don’t start drama.

We love you! We want the guild to grow stronger together. Doing quests, facing challenges, learning and gaining victories together is how we create improved team play.

Let's all have fun and play together!
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Guild rules
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